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    "We have achieved some excellent press coverage, both locally and in the national press, enhancing the company image considerably. Your approach to understanding the business and assisting and coaching has been invaluable. I would like to add that it has been as much fun as it has been effective and I will definitely recommend Inkwell to others." Mike Peters, Universal Products
    “You made sure the end results were exactly what Xyone required.” Steve Robinson, Xyone
    "Thank you for your continual expertise and advice with regard to our newsletter Concept Update and newspaper editorial. The feedback from our clients has been very positive and we find our newsletters to be an extremely effective marketing tool." Sue Cox, Concept Conferences
    “Thanks to you and your professional, friendly approach we now have a newsletter to be proud of.” Richard Ainsworth, partner, Rawsthorn's Solicitors
    "We have received many compliments regarding our new brochure. Thanks to your experience and professionalism we have achieved a product of a superior quality to that of our competitors." Ian Hunter, Utopia Homes
    "Thank you for the superb job that you have done producing my brochures. I will not hesitate to recommend you to other colleagues who I feel would greatly benefit from your listening ear, attention to detail and prompt service." Sally Griffiths, Hands in Harmony
    "Since Alan began working with the Institute of Directors, our coverage in both Lancashire and Cumbria has increased beyond recognition. We now have regular coverage in both parts of the region across many publications. Alan has a superb and direct relationship with the major publications in the North West and seems to have an amazing knack of getting almost weekly coverage for us. Alan's work has truly exceeded our expectations. He is a consummate professional, well connected and a pleasure to work with." Laura Wolfe, Institute of Directors, North West
    "We would like to thank you for all your efforts and guidance with this project, we would not have been able to achieve the finished manuscript without your professional help in both the writing of the book and the synopsis; you have truly made it into a book well worth reading, and we now have high hopes of getting it published. You not only gave us good advice, but also encouraged us." Karen Stephens & George Fulford
    "The copy for the brochure and site are great." Steve McClean, SM Consultancy Ltd
    "Thanks so much for the copy and all of your help; the feedback that I have had has been great ... it has been so appreciated." Diane Evans, Sure Events
    "My biography has gone down really well and people have expressed their delight in reading it. Not just one or two but almost everyone who received it... my congratulations to you on an inspired piece of work." Lionel Gorick, Iotech, Liquid Plastics
    “Your business is about generating awareness and publicising your clients’ businesses and you have certainly achieved this.” John Carroll, Barsbank Consultancy

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    'Alan Whelan's latest book, The Black Stars of Ghana, is littered with enviable and illuminating turns-of-phrase of the kind that made African Brew Ha-Ha one of the stand out books in recent motorcycle travel writing.' - Overland Magazine
    'Joy and heartache, despair and exhilaration, moments of sheer insanity ... Alan Whelan captures Africa to a T.' Peter Moore


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Hi, I'm Alan Whelan. I need two blogs to contain the things I do. One shows my copywriting, ghostwriting and PR-ing, and the other covers my travels in Africa. You might like my books African Brew Ha-Ha and The Black Stars of Ghana. Call me - 01253 739285.


INKWELL []is an occasional blog of clients, ongoing work and things that interest me in the fields of copywriting, ghostwriting and PR.

African Brew Ha Ha [] is a never-ending quest for the ultimate cup of tea. I took the quest on the road in October 2007 on a six-month motorcycle trip from Lancashire to Cape Town, South Africa. My African travels continued in Ghana in 2010.

The book - AFRICAN BREW HA-HA - is available all over the world.


hanging out with amazonian chiefs, flying planes without a licence, shooing hippos off sandbanks, remaining upright on the triumph, trying not to look awestruck in the presence of the himba, leaving sweat on the seat of the third avenue bus, drinking with the ghosts in mcdaid's, coming to terms with james joyce, finding my way home the long way and, wherever possible, putting words in the right order while enjoying a nice cup of tea.